Spiaggia di is Arutas

With a one hour drive you can find Spiaggia di Is Arutas, located in Oristano (Sardinia). The beach has a length of almost 500 meters, which is covered by sand of white and pink quartz. It is a protected area and is a popular surfing spot.

Unique for Is Arutas is the sand that is made of coarse quartz crystals that give the water a beautiful color. A fun fact about the quartz is that they make it easy to keep your feet clean during the day.

Travel to Spiaggia di Is Arutas

  • Take the Localita ‘Turas / Str. Bosa Marina – Turas and Strada Comunale Magomadas – Turas to the Strada Statale 292 Nord Occidentale Sarda in Magomadas
  • Continue on Strada Statale 292 Nord Occidentale Sarda to Riola sardo
  • Follow the SP66, SP7 and SP59 to Is Arutas in Cabras
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